Financial Empowerment

Upon realizing the connection between financial stability and domestic violence, DVP began providing services tailored to this need. Financial abuse is a recognized form of domestic violence acknowledged by several well respected organizations and experts in the field. It comes in various forms such as providing a spouse or intimate partner with an unlivable allowance, hiding financial documents, lying about financial resources, stealing and more.

Our Community Organizers and Advocates are specialized in this area of domestic violence and host several clinics throughout the year in all five boroughs as part of the Domestic Violence Project's effort to reach marginalized and low-income residents in New York City. They help clients set realistic goals and use a non-judgemenal, human rights based approach. For more information on how the Domestic Violence Project can help you become more financially empowered contact DVP by sending us an email and we will be sure to respond.

"The cornerstone of freedom is cemented firmly in the spirit of independence. To be truly independent means to have the ability to make fluid and meaningful choices in one's journey. Through our financial empowerment program, by striving to provide clients with access to financial stability, we support them in defining their lives a meritorious."

- Madeline Garcia Bigelow, Managing Director of DVP