Journey Beyond the Violence

1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have experienced violence by an intimate partner. That means we all know someone — or more realistically, multiple someones — who have been victimized. So why aren’t we talking about it more?

This Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we are striving to lift the curtain to reveal the realities of IPV. But not just the brutal stories of abuse. We want to honor and celebrate the strength of those survivors who are all around us.

Our journey is framed in three stages:

Part I: Call it What it Is – Abuse & Torture

Part II: “Be Heard” – Finding Help

Part III: “Be Free” – Path to Empowerment

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Part I: Call it What it Is – Abuse & Torture

I got flowers today domestic violence poem by Paulette Kelly
In NYC over a five year span, there were 561291 incidents of intimate partner violence and 309 homicides related to domestic violence. And that's only counting the incidents that were reported to the police.
A poster filled with overlapping news headlines featuring domestic violence stories

Listen to a real 911 call made by a 6-year-old girl when her stepfather becomes dangerously violent towards her mother. *Trigger warning*

Biderman’s Chart of Coercion

A tool designed to demonstrate and explain the coercive methods of stress manipulation used to torture prisoners of war. It has been applied to explain the coercive techniques used by perpetrators of domestic violence. This list reflects the original chart, it has not been changed to fit the domestic abuse context.

Yes, you read that right — victims of domestic violence experience the same torture methods as prisoners of war.

BONUS: Culture & Media Corner 

Did you ever notice how prevalent intimate partner violence is in pop culture? It thematically appears in countless songs, movies, and tv shows — not to mention the many public incidents involving celebrities. 

A poster montage of domestic violence in the media, including movies, tv, song lyrics, and celebrity news.

Time to DVAM & Chill – a curated list of songs, movies, and tv to add to your list! (Click below to download)

Part II: “Be Heard” – Finding Help

The most courageous and most important step for a survivor is to tell their story — and to have it HEARD and believed.

DVP serves 1,600 survivors every year, with a very wide range of experiences. Scroll through below for a glimpse into some of these stories:

Before & After: A Survivor’s Transformation

Guadalupe bravely shared her story of abuse with us in 2021, and we were thrilled to catch up with her again two years later. Watch the clips below to see her evolution from surviving to thriving. 

Part III: Be Free – Path to Empowerment

Help survivors achieve the safety and empowerment they deserve. Make a gift today or learn more about how to become involved with DVP.

Thank you for your partnership.