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Free Virtual Trainings

Welcome to DVP’s virtual online training portal! Here you can find our latest series of virtual Know Your Rights trainings on a variety of topics that affect survivors of intimate partner abuse in NYC. These trainings are free for anyone and available to view at any time by simply accessing our site.  If you are a survivor of intimate partner abuse, an advocate working in the field or a friend/family member interested in learning more on behalf of a loved one, we hope these trainings will help guide you.

*Note that trainings are not intended to constitute legal advice but are educational. For legal advice or additional requests, please reach out to our legal team by emailing or calling our intake line: 1-833-321-4DVP (M-F, 9am-5pm).  

Below are our first four tutorial sessions:

  • Family Court Orders of Protection in NYC
  • Family Court: Custody/Visitation in NYC
  • Uncontested Divorce in NYC
  • Family Court: Child Support in NYC (coming soon)

Family Court Orders of Protection in NYC
Learn the basics on orders of protection in NYC​ including how to obtain and enforce an order of protection​, the differences between orders of protection from Family Court and Criminal Court, and safety considerations before filing.

Family Court: Custody/Visitation in NYC

Learn the basics of child custody/visitation proceedings in NYC Family Courts including the ​ factors that courts consider when deciding which parents should have custody and visitation, what to expect in a custody/visitation proceeding, and safety considerations before filing as well as during the case.

Uncontested Divorce in NYC

Learn when a divorce is deemed to be “uncontested” and the process to obtain an uncontested divorce as well as important factors to consider before filing.


We proudly serve all survivors of domestic violence, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity or immigration status.

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