Our Approach

The Domestic Violence Project (DVP) is a passionate group of attorneys and social workers coming together to provide holistic civil legal and clinical services to victims of domestic violence.  We serve all victims, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, socioeconomic status, immigration status, age or otherwise. In keeping with its mission to defend the rights of New York City's most vulnerable, DVP applies a human rights framework to understanding domestic violence. This approach values and recognizes the dignity and worth of all individuals.  Following from this, our work is: 

Holistic - violence is conceptualized from within a whole persons perspective, assessing the individual strengths and resources, and the community and cultural barriers and support needed to realize safety and self-sufficiency;

Based in client self-determination - the individual has a right to determine their own destiny, free from ideological, political, institutional, or cultural pressures, to have full power over their lives and goals. 

Client centered - the individual seeking services is at the center of service planning and drives the development of goals;

Strengths based - the individual is viewed as a person with agency and power to effect change in their lives when the resources, knowledge, and access are made available;

Individualized - each individual is unique, bringing different histories, beliefs, values, needs and strengths, so that service planning cannot use a one size fits all approach; and

Collaborative - all systems are interdependent; professionals and providers each bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to bear in assisting clients.